Scott Reeves

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Brandon Barash

Brandon Barash brings passion and heart to the role of Johnny Zacchara, the scion of mobster Anthony Zacchara, on General Hospital. Though born in St. Louis, Barash lived in Texas as well before moving to Southern California. Barash is a graduate of the theater program at the University of Southern California. His first television credit was on the TV series Gilmore Girls in 2002, and since then, he has worked steadily, appearing on The West Wing, 24, and NCIS,  Tell Me You Love Me, among other shows, before landing the role of Johnny on General Hospital.








Bradford Anderson

Bradford lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kiera, and their dog, Huck.  A native of New Hampshire, Bradford spent his college years at NYU, and now spends his time playing Spinelli on ABC's General Hospital.  He wishes he played the guitar better.







Steve Burton

Steve made his daytime television debut on Days Of Our Lives before landing the contract role of Jason Quartermaine on General Hospital in 1991. Steve won a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor In a Drama Series for his role of Jason Morgan in 1998. He left General Hospital in 2000 to pursue other roles. He made his feature film debut in The Last Castle: starring James Gandolfini and Robert Redford. He also appeared in the Steven Spielberg Emmy award winning mini series "Taken". He has now returned to the role of Jason Morgan on General Hospital. Best of all he created a band.

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